Air Freight Shipping is Fast, Easy, and Cost Effective

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Couriers and Messengers

Air freight shipping internationally is, at best, a daunting idea for most first time shippers. The choice between air freight and ocean freight shipping is a hard one, but there are a number of reasons why air freight shipping is the best choice. Whether you are a business trying to save on frequent shipments, or an individual that has decided to move to a new country and has a household that needs be shipped, the decision of how to ship your goods is an important one.

Three Reasons Air Freight is Better

The biggest worry on any business or individual’s mind is the cost. Whether your bottom line or household budget is at stake, cost plays the lead role in any decision you make. Most would quickly assume that shipping items by sea would be cheaper than by airfreight, but this is not necessarily the case. Educate yourself on what each carrier service charges for their international shipping in order to best ascertain which is right for you. The smaller your shipment, the less likely items shipped by ocean will save you money. Air freight shipping can quickly be more cost effective than ocean freight shipping when the size of a shipment is small.

The next considerations are speed and reliability. Planes travel faster than boats, and can reach more destinations. For the business or individual who needs something shipped within a time frame, time saved can be more important the money spent. The same distance that would take a ship an entire month to travel, a plane can travel in a day or two. Reliability is a must in any service paid for when it comes to business or individual needs. Whether it is in clients, businesses, products, or shipping services, reliability is a must. Air freight shipping is notoriously more reliable as it is less prone to significant delays. Ships can be lost or pushed off schedules, and a day lost could hold serious consequences for a business. A missed shipment can be picked up quickly by another plane, a ship, however, tends to have a weekly schedule.

Shipping by Air Freight Can Reduce Environmental Impact

While most businesses and individuals care more about the cost and convenience when freight decisions are made, the impact on the environment can also be taken into account. While some would point out that CO2 emissions are higher for air freight travel, it is important to look at the number of oil spills and water ecosystems affected by ocean freight shipments. In this environmentally aware age, clients will look to reputable companies for signs that they are taking the environment into account when products and services are sold. Air freight shipping is the best made choice.

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