Boat Fractional Ownership: What To Know

by | May 30, 2019 | Boat Rental Service

If you want to own a vessel and think that you can’t do so, you may want to consider boat fractional ownership. With this opportunity, you and seven others buy a boat together, which cuts costs significantly. You can have your friends or family members sign up, but the best part is you don’t have to worry that they won’t pay their fair share. You work with a management company that has a syndicate program with other companies that own boats. Therefore, you all work together to get the boating lifestyle you want and deserve.

Because the management company is fair, you don’t have to worry that you’ll end up paying more than the rest of the owners. Boat fractional ownership keeps costs low, which means you might consider buying a large boat than you could get on your own. Of course, you do have to share, but it’s easy to see when the boat is available and book time with it. Management companies usually have an online scheduling tool available to make it easier. Plus, you’ll save money from not having to hire a vessel every time. When the syndicate contract is over, you can all sell the boat back to the company and consider a new boat sharing situation.

LBS knows that you want to feel like royalty and own a boat. With boat fractional ownership, you have that ability without the added headaches and trials. You don’t have to worry about fuelling up the ship before leaving the dock, and you won’t have to clean the boat afterward. Of course, most people are polite enough to remove trash that they created while on the ship, but you don’t have to scrub the deck or clean the hull. Professionals are brought in for that so you can walk off and head back to your everyday life until the next time.

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