Customized Packing Services in Fort Worth

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Moving Services

When people try to pack things for shipping, it often turns into a disaster. Things arrive at their final destination broken, shifted, ruined, and damaged beyond repair. Insurance can replace some items, but not everything. Family heirlooms, antiques, customer satisfaction, and business reputation cannot be replaced by the monetary value of the items. Customized Packing Services Fort Worth can ensure that items, big or small, will arrive safely in one piece.

Experienced carpenters can design, build, and pack crates, skids, and pallets for any personal or commercial need. Companies with two or more decades in the crating and packing industry, such as Crate Master, for example, can build crates for delicate items, heavy duty equipment and machinery, odd-shaped items, and to adhere to strict Department of Defense (DOD) and military specifications.

Crates can be lined, braced, reinforced, be built with several compartments, and placed on wheels or casters. Doors, locks, hinges, shelves, and mesh breathing holes for livestock can also be added to crates. Pallets and skids can be reinforced to handle large and heavy items, such as vehicles, helicopters, production machinery, sculptures, and diagnostic equipment. They can also be built with lips around the bottom, half walls to contain items, or be shrink wrapped to keep things safely in place.

Packing Services in Fort Worth can be done at their location, or on-site if preferred. Items can be delivered, stored, hauled, and packed for transport by sea, air or land. Packing can include bubble wrap, foam blocks, interior bracing and straps, vapor barrier bags, and secure locks. Shock and vibration resistance can also be included in the packing of items. A familiarity with customs regulations will ensure that items will not be delayed when shipped internationally.

In addition to building and packing crates and pallets, custom carpentry and woodworking is also available. Shelves, cabinets, custom furniture, playhouses, tree houses, swings, planters, archways, gazebos, work benches, and decorative boxes can be created to specifications. Sheds, office buildings, and garages can also be built. Discuss ideas, plans, preferences, and budgets with designers and get high-quality results that will last well into the future.

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