Emergency Auto Unlock Service for Stranded Drivers

Nothing is more aggravating than not being able to get into your car. Whether it is keys that have been lost or left in the vehicle’s ignition, quickly regaining access after a lockout can eliminate unnecessary stress. An extended wait for roadside assistance can result in being late for work, school, or other important engagements. Contacting an emergency Auto unlock Service is a fast and reliable way to remedy the problem.

Coat Hangers Can Damage a Vehicle

Though many drivers think they can unlock the car on their own by using a coat hanger, this is not a wise idea. Coat hangers can actually cause serious damage to the vehicle. This is especially true with newer model cars that may have a different type of lock mechanism. Attempting to use a hanger can result in a scratched paint, ripped weather stripping, or damage to the door. Though it does involve a small service charge, having your car unlocked by a professional can help avoid the need for costly vehicle body repairs caused by trying to tackle the job on your own.

Popular Tools for Auto Unlocks

A professional Auto Unlock Service provider has the right tools to get the task done safely and quickly. A Slim Jim is a common auto unlock tool that is used by most police departments and towing service companies. It is long and narrow enough to allow easy access to the door lock. The only issue with using a Slim Jim is that caution must be exercised to avoid damaging the door wiring in electronic lock systems.

Wedges and probes are the most popular unlock tools used by roadside assistance companies today. Though they may look like they could easily cause damage, wedges are probably the safest way to gain access to a vehicle. The wedge is simply slipped between the door and the frame to create a space to insert the bar that unlocks the door. An experienced auto locksmith can usually have the door unlocked in just a few minutes.

Contact a Professional Roadside Service Company

Located in Beaumont, TX, Spanky’s Wrecker Service has provided auto unlocks for customers in Jefferson and Hardin Counties for the last 20 years. In addition to their unlock services, Spanky’s also offers towing and jump starts for a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, boats, and other recreational vehicles.

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