Packing Fragile Items For Moving Companies in St. Paul

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Moving Company

When someone purchases a new home, they will need to take the necessary steps in packaging their personal belongings to be hauled to the new destination. Fragile items will need special care in the way they are packed, so they do not suffer from damage while in transit. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their breakables are kept in the best of shape when they are being transported by one of the Moving Companies in St. Paul to a new location.

Find The Right Type Of Enclosures

It is important to use boxes or bins to house items that can break easily. Boxes should be made of sturdy corrugated cardboard rather than flimsy box board. It is also important to select boxes that were not previously used as they have weakened areas of corrugation in their makeup. Placing items in plastic storage bins will ensure the breakables are secure and less prone to becoming damaged due to something pushing against the container.

Use Plenty Of Protective Cushioning

When packing breakables, it is a good idea to wrap items in a layer of cushioning. Smaller items can be wrapped in newsprint or pieces of bubble wrap. Larger sheets of bubble wrap or protective foam can be used to keep larger items intact. Use a layer of packing peanuts to cover the bottom of a box or container before putting the protected item inside. Additional foam pieces can then be positioned around and on top of the breakable items.

Secure The Container And Label Appropriately

It is best to use heavy-duty packing tape to keep a cardboard or plastic storage tub lid secure. This should be placed on all sides of the enclosure to ensure the items inside do not slip out. Use labels on fragile items to alert the moving company of the contents so they can be extra careful when handling them.

When someone needs to get a hold of one of the Moving Companies in St. Paul to bring their belongings to a new home, they will want to find a company that puts their customers first. Contact Action Moving Services Inc. to find out more today!

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