Packing Tips For Clothing

If large amounts of clothing and accessories will be moved to a new residence in the near future, the following packing tips will assist with keeping items organized and free from damage. Once possessions arrive at a new location, an owner will be able to find specific pieces with ease and can unpack items in a methodical manner.

Vacuum Sealing Items That Are Expensive

Fancy dresses, suits or coats that cost a lot of money will be safely contained in a vacuum-sealed bag and will not be susceptible to damage if exposed to high humidity, moisture or sunlight. Bulky items that take up a lot of space can be folded and placed in stacks. A large bag that is made out of durable plastic and that is designed to be vacuum sealed will provide clothing with the protection needed.

After clothing is secured in a bag, a hand vacuum can be used to eliminate air from a bag. Flattened bags can be placed inside of a large tote that has a label affixed to its side. A label can list the contents of a container so that an owner of clothing pieces can find what they need once they move.

Hanging Garment Bags From Clothing Racks

Clothing that is normally hung in a closet can be stored inside of garment bags. Bags often have zipper closures, which will prevent clothes from falling out or being subjected to moisture. Once bags are secure, they can be hung across clothing racks that are secured to casters. Each cart can be pushed across flooring, preventing the need to do any heavy lifting. Once items are pushed into a new residence, they can be removed from bags and hung on in a closet. Clothing will not become wrinkled while it is being transported.

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