Choosing a Moving and Packing Service in West Palm Beach, FL

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Moving Services

Most people know that moving can be stressful, and more than 10% of the U.S. population moves every year. By hiring a reliable moving company, a customer can eliminate the worry and stress of relocation. Below, potential customers can get five easy tips for choosing a moving and Packing Service in West Palm Beach FL.

Ask for Recommendations

Typically, the best way to get an honest recommendation is to ask coworkers, friends, and family. Ask around, find out who has recently moved, and learn more about others’ experiences. While testimonials are important, customers should do some research by reading online reviews and contacting the BBB to ask about a particular moving company’s reputation.

Get Things in Writing

Reliable movers will provide upfront, written estimates that show the customer how much they’ll spend on moving services. Customers should be willing to shop around and get the best combination of service and price. It’s best to get at least three written estimates for an accurate comparison.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Many times, customers don’t see the warning signs of a bad moving company. Other times, they simply refuse to acknowledge those signs. If a moving or Packing Service in West Palm Beach FL asks for a large upfront deposit, customers should take it as a red flag-;and take their businesses elsewhere.

Ask Plenty of Questions

The best local moving companies are transparent about their qualifications and the services they offer. Customers should ask for clarification on anything they don’t understand and verify the licensing and insurance coverage of a moving company before signing on. Before making a commitment, the customer should ensure the company can fulfill their needs.

Rely on Intuition

After a customer finishes their research, the final step is to trust their gut instinct. Customers should pay attention to how they feel when interacting with a mover. Intuition can provide a person with solid guidance if they listen to it carefully.

Choosing the right packing and moving company can make a substantial difference in a family’s relocation. The right movers will leave customers at ease, and they will work to ensure a stress-free move. At Perez Moving & Storage, the team is ready to help customers with all their moving needs.

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