Questions To Ask When Hiring Removalists In Balgowlah

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Moving Company

Hiring a removalist service can make moving incredibly easy. Homeowners are always looking for ways to make this difficult and time-consuming chore significantly easier. Removalist services are designed to do just that; make moving a breeze. Some companies can do as much or as little as you need, with many offering a full range of packing and moving services available for purchase individually or bundled together. The need for such a service is obvious, but finding the right one can be a bit trickier. These are important questions to ask when hiring removalists in Balgowlah.

#1: What Is Included In The Quote?

Even if you receive a quote in writing, always ask which services the quote includes. It is important that you know exactly which services you are receiving, and how much each one will likely cost. It is also wise to find out about any extra fees that are not included. You may also want to ask about other services the company offers, in the event, there is one that is useful to you and your moving situation.

#2: Do You Have Any References?

Companies that have been in business for many years will undoubtedly have accumulated at least a few references or testimonials. In the event you cannot locate any references or testimonials on their website, be sure to ask a sales representative when you ask about getting a quote. Hearing from past customers lets you know that you have selected a service with high standards.

#3: Are There Any Items You Will Not Move?

Some movers put certain restrictions on the items they can move. For example, a removalist may not move irreplaceable items of high sentimental value. In other cases, antiques or jewelry may not be included. Be sure you clearly understand what the company can and cannot do before you sign the contract. For more details, contact Better Home Removals today!

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